__FullFlush1__ Returns to Full Tilt Poker

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

It’s been a more eventful week than usual at Full Tilt Poker’s nosebleed stakes. Luke “__FullFlush1__”, our cover star this issue, had to quite literally put his money where his mouth is after publicly bashing Tom “durrrr” Dwan and the Dang brothers last week on television.

Earlier this year he took over $1m on Full Tilt but stopped, perhaps because his chat was banned. He returned with a vengeance, however, taking over $300,000 playing $200/$400 heads-up against Dwan, Dang and “martonas” earlier this week.

The stakes are slightly lower than usual after the introduction of ante tables at the high stakes - $300/$600+$100 is a particular favourite among those such as Luzak, Townsend and Dwan.

Dwan had a good week, taking the sting off a much-publicised downswing by winning over $1m from Gus Hansen. Despite losing overall to __FullFlush1__, one particular hand where Dwan flopped the nuts and stacked the young Brit caused an open challenge to be made as durrrr begged Schwartz to put up $500,000 for the durrrr challenge.

__FullFlush1__: 1 question did u play well there
__FullFlush1__: ?
durrrr: well
durrrr: according to ur logic
durrrr: whoever wins plays well
durrrr: so ya right?
durrrr: post ur $$ w/ eddie...
__FullFlush1__: when im life owning u and u call a 3 bet with 79 off
__FullFlush1__: worst timing tilt donking and luckbox ever
durrrr: plsplspls
durrrr: find the 500k somewhere
__FullFlush1__: too much of a joke
durrrr: to post
durrrr: please
durrrr: i mean
__FullFlush1__: they always get u out of it
durrrr: dont break any laws to get it
durrrr: then id feel bad
durrrr: but find it somewhere
durrrr: please
__FullFlush1__: play later pie munching time

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