Ziigmund wins over a quarter-million dollars at Full Tilt

Ziigmund wins over a quarter-million dollars at Full Tilt

Thursday, 22 July 2010

World Series of Poker – done. For all but nine players at least the 41st annual WSOP is over for the year. This means we can get back to writing about the nosebleed action at Full Tilt Poker and who better to get us back into the swing of things than Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies and Tom “durrrr” Dwan?

The two took to the $50/$100 PLO tables yesterday and the result went the way of Finland as Sahamies took home over a quarter of a million dollars. Overall there were ten players at the nosebleed stakes who won or lost more than six figures, meaning the games are coming back.

Sahamies made most of his money from durrrr and harrington25 – while the former kept his losses to just over $100k on the day, the latter dropped a ton as harrington25’s account is $320,000 shorter than it was yesterday.

The largest pot of the day was a 3-bet one between Ziigmund and durrrr. The money went in on a Ad-Qd-6h flop and Ziigmund had the board covered with AA54 for top set and backdoor straight draws; durrrr flipped up KJ92 for a straight draw. However, even running it twice failed to save Dwan and Ziigmund took both halves of a $108,000 pot.

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