Ziigmund wins $200,000 from Cole South

Ziigmund wins $200,000 from Cole South

Friday, 16 April 2010

It was all about Finland at the high stakes games at Full Tilt Poker as Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies and Patrik Antonius clocked up the two biggest profits last night, earning approximately half a million dollars between them.

Ziigmund took on Cole South over 539 hands of $200/$400 PLO, netting $194,000 in total from the CardRunners instructor. Ziigmund has really been on a roll this year, with over $2m in profits at the nosebleed games – mostly at his specialty, PLO.

South won the biggest pot when he got three streets of value with middle set for $230,000 but Ziigmund shrugged off the loss to score a six-figure victory. South was the highest earner of 2010 but now he has been relegated to almost breakeven.

Speaking of wins and losses, Patrik Antonius is still on the way to recovering his massive 2010 deficit with a $300,000 mixed game win. However, he still has $2.2m to win back if he is to post a positive 2010.
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