Ziigmund wins $2.2m from Isildur1; Martonas’s neighbour?

Ziigmund wins $2.2m from Isildur1; Martonas’s neighbour?

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Viktor Blom has been steadfastly denying that he is the high stakes sensation known only as Isildur1. If we’d just lost over $2.7m to Ziigmund and Brian Townsend, we’d probably keep our mouths shut too.

Isildur1 and Ziigmund played an incredibly swingy session, with the Finn taking an early $1.5m lead before Isildur1 took it back and then some, forging a seven-figure lead of his own. However, by the time their 6,000-hand session had finished Ziigmund was in the black by $2.2m – including winning his largest ever pot at $709k - and Isildur1 was pissed:

Isildur1: who s the little scared fa g starts lipimg every hand cos hes up
Isildur1: fckn clown
Ziigmund: how long u have been around here
Ziigmund: u r losing after this year if u continue f ag
Isildur1: well see, u keep hit n rn me and limping
Ziigmund: haha
Ziigmund: nono
Ziigmund: joking
Ziigmund: u r nice guy
Ziigmund: and pretty viktor
Isildur1: lol
Isildur1: can u atlest reload finnish superstar

Sources have sprung up on the Two Plus Two forums stating that Isildur1 is Viktor Blom as Ziigmund seems to think, despite Blom’s denial. In addition, it is inferred that Blom is the neighbour of high-stakes shot-taker Martonas, and that explains how Isildur1 had durrrr all figured out.
Blom or not Blom? Regardless, you can see Isildur1 take on the pros at .

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