Ziigmund strikes back at Brian Hastings at PLO

Ziigmund strikes back at Brian Hastings at PLO

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Finnish online legend Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies has had a horrid start to September. He is down over $500,000 in just over 1,000 hands and it is largely down to the combined efforts of Brian Hastings and Cole South; the former is up over $500,000 in the same time period.

Ziigmund took on Hastings again at $300/$600 PLO where last week he took a $650,000 beating at the hands of South and Hastings. This time, though, the cards were on his side and he made over $170,000. The largest pot from their 181-hand session was $180,000 so you can see how variance would affect results easily.

The largest pot was, unsurprisingly, a 3-bet one. There was $10,800 in the pot on the 4c-6d-Js flop and Ziigmund called an $8,400 continuation bet. The Kc turn saw Sahamies push over Hastings’s $25,500 bet and the Red Pro called, showing A864 for two pair and the nut flush draw in clubs. Sahamies had good equity with KJT9 which he surprisingly didn’t 4-bet pre-flop.

They ran it twice and Ziigmund took both halves of the $179,000 pot when each of the two rivers delivered a red eight.

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