Ziigmund loses $190,000 in just 12 hands at Full Tilt

Ziigmund loses $190,000 in just 12 hands at Full Tilt

Thursday, 16 September 2010

A tidy little winrate on the latest grind for superbaldas at Full Tilt Poker’s nosebleed stakes – 2,638BB/100. The unknown high stakes player is a bit of a rookie at the nosebleed tables but so far has earned $900,000 in 2010, bolstered by the 12-hand win against Ziigmund yesterday.

Ziigmund, well known for his unusual plays that are often tilt- or alcohol-induced, 3-bet and called a 4-bet with the dubious holding of Jc-Ts-6c-4h then with barely a pot-sized bet in his stack felt compelled to get it in on a 4s-2d-8h flop. Martonas held Ah-Ac-9h-7s for backdoor straight and flush draws with the overpair. He held on the turn and river to take the $99,599 pot.

Looking at this hand it’s easy to see how Ziigmund could lose such a large sum in so few hands if he was tilted by an early cooler. In another hand he 3-bet QJ22 single suited and fired three barrels on a Q-4-6-8-3 flushing board (not his flush) holding just top pair, third kicker. Superbaldas called him down with AQQJ for top set, calling his bluff for a $123,000 pot.

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