Ziigmund and his $1.7m hangover

Ziigmund and his $1.7m hangover

Friday, 19 December 2008

Last week we reported that Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies dropped a staggering $1.7m in one morning’s session. Of course, he had a good excuse – he wasn’t running bad, he wasn’t picking tough games or playing above his bankroll. It was that age-old bloke’s excuse: he “had a hangover and just didn’t care.” Atta boy.

He’s had similarly swingy week this past seven days, although fortunately for his sanity and bank account these included some sessions where he finished in the black. The first of these came playing that old favourite $500/$1,000 HA where he netted a profit of around $300,000. A big help came when his JJxx flopped a near-perfect J99 against Urindanger, who promptly mucked when it came to showdown after building a $225k pot.

We also reported OMGClayAiken aka Bluff’s very own Phil Galfond had won an immense amount and boasted, at one point, a $1.7m stack. The trend continues this week as he made about $200,000 playing his game of choice Pot-Limit Omaha. He is now coming close to becoming the biggest winner on the ‘net for December.

Speaking of milestones and large sums of money, Phil ‘God’ Ivey is very close to $8,000,000 in lifetime online earnings. This comes after taking Ziigmund (yep, him again) for almost half a million on his personal $500/$1,000 PLO table.

Of course even Gods get lucky sometimes, as this hand proves: Ivey got it in on the flop holding QcJd9s8h and Ziigmund held 5d5s2d2s. Unfortunately for Ivey the flop in question was Qs5h2h. Oops. Nevermind, just hit an 8d turn and Qd river to luckbox the nut boat and ship a $196,000 pot. All in a days work for Phil Ivey.

He soon found out karma is a bitch though as he dropped almost $1m to durrrr in an epic heads-up session. We at Bluff towers can’t help but wonder how they make money in that game – surely they’re all just swapping stacks?

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