Ziigmund Wins Almost $500k from Phil Ivey

Ziigmund Wins Almost $500k from Phil Ivey

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies has been described as “one of the best PLO players in the world” by none other than Barry Greenstein. Then again, Phil Ivey is Phil Ivey so playing him heads-up at the $500/$1,000 stakes really doesn’t seem wise.

Of course, this is why we’re here typing about it and Ilari is up there living it. Over the course of two short sessions in the past couple of days, Ziigmund won almost half a million dollars from Ivey.

First the two played for around 300 hands, during the course of which Ziigmund won $270,000. The next day they returned to the tables, only for Ziigmund to win exactly two buy-ins more ($200,000) and for Ivey to call it a day after only 100 hands.

In one hand, the nature of Pot-Limit Omaha was illustrated: as usual, the pot was 3-bet and went to the flop. A pot-sized bet and call on a 8h-9s-7h board saw the two get it in on the Qd turn. Both held the second-nut straight; Ivey flipping AT76 and Ziigmund T986. However, Ivey had only a 2% chance to win the pot as Ziigmund was freerolling to a full house or higher straight, which he made with the Jc on the river to take a near-$300,000 pot.

Ilari is on a roll at the moment, having taken plenty off durrrr in recent days.

You can follow the action yourselves at Full Tilt poker.

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