XWINK loses a million dollars to jungleman12 and NoPasaran

XWINK loses a million dollars to jungleman12 and NoPasaran

Monday, 14 March 2011

XWINK, the 21-year-old Canadian famed for running up minor sums into seven-figures on both UB and Full Tilt, dropped over a million dollars taking on the high stakes regulars at both capped and uncapped PLO games.

A stellar example of XWINK’s “fantastic bankroll management” came when he took on NoPasara at $300/$600 CAP PLO and lost $430,000. He then took off the cap and raised the stakes, stepping up to $500/$1,000 and losing over $330,000 to Daniel “jungleman12” Cates “on super tilt”.

XWINK: ill give u agood tip
XWINK: dont play when your tilted
jungleman12: yep true
XWINK: im so tilted its not even funny

XWINK: im on super tilt rite now
XWINK: canu hurry up and take my roll
XWINK: its taking forever
jungleman12: well
jungleman12: we can do 4 tables
XWINK: i hope u bust me in less than 1 hour

XWINK is still up $600,000 for the month of March but admitted to cashing out around $500,000 so it will be interesting to see if he or she can still frequent the high stakes tables with the same regularity after that big loss.

Actually, what are we on about? He’ll just run up another few million from $50 or something.

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