WSOP runner-up Racener finals Super Tuesday.

WSOP runner-up Racener finals Super Tuesday.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

When Jonathan Racener isn’t busy being handed a heads-up seat at the World Series of Poker November Nine final table by a 6-bet bluff from Joseph “subiime” Cheong, he’s apparently receiving DUIs. However, when he’s not doing that he is showing his tournament chops; following his WPT final table with a spot at the final of the PokerStars Super Tuesday.

Racener was one of 412 entrants into the $1,050 weekly tournament on the world’s largest poker site and arrived at the final table in sixth place out of the nine competitors with DWF1029 holding a large chip lead. However, the WSOP runner-up wound up exiting in sixth place when his A-9 couldn’t stay ahead of K-Q in a blind versus blind battle with a cruel queen on the river of a low board.

Eventually koolkeith13 and BadcardsAA made it to heads-up, negotiated a deal and then shoved every hand until a winner was decided. BadcardsAA won the first flip and doubled to a 4-1 chip lead with 7-3 to Q-4 but lost out with K-T to 3-2 on the next hand. Then koolkeith13 made an outrageous suckout with T-9 versus a fortunately picked-up K-K, flopping trips and turning a full house before rivering quads for good measure. The next hand was a finisher with koolkeith13’s Q-8 staying ahead of 5-3 to take the glory.

The full final table results were as follows. Prizes adjusted to reflect heads-up deal:

1.Todd "koolkeith13" Lewis - $70,500.00
2.Rajesh "BadcardsAA" Vohra - $67,272.80
3.Andrew "Drewfus81" St. Jean - $43,260.00
4.Dane "WatchTheSea" Miller - $32,960.00
5.DWF1029 - $23,072.00
6.John "$30k" Racener - $17,510.00
7.Nicholas "CPT CRUX" Stowell - $13,390.00
8.Eugoogleizer - $9,270.00
Daniel - $6,839.20

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