Urnotindangr wins 1200 big blind pot from Prahlad Friedman

Urnotindangr wins 1200 big blind pot from Prahlad Friedman

Monday, 25 October 2010

Prahlad Friedman, the best online poker player in the world circa 2004, has enjoyed something of a comeback playing under the screen name “Prefontaine” at PokerStars, specifically the $25/$50 and $50/$100 heads-up games that were his speciality on Ultimate Bet years ago.

Unfortunately for him, Scott “Urnotindangr” Palmer (URnotINdanger2) put an end to an enjoyable upswing for the rapping WSOP bracelet-winner. Friedman lost over $200,000 to Palmer in a $50/$100 heads-up NL game including a huge 1,172 big blind pot.

The hand in question began with Palmer min-raising from the button as the two had been doing throughout the match. Friedman was up to over $107,000 at this table while Palmer had just under $60,000 on the felt. Friedman made it $800 and Palmer 4-bet to $2,100; Friedman called with Jd-9s and check-raised to $12,800 on the Ks-8d-7s flop. Palmer called and Friedman improved to a flush draw and double gutshot – he moved in and Palmer snapped him off with K-K for top set, which held to ship him a $117,275 pot.

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