Urindanger profits from huge PLO action

Urindanger profits from huge PLO action

Monday, 15 March 2010

Urindanger was the main beneficiary of the massive $300/$600 Omaha action last night, earning $422,000 despite an initial $500,000 loss as eight tables of high-stakes PLO ran throughout the night at Full Tilt Poker.

Both Brian Townsend and Phil Galfond suffered the other side of the variance spectrum, beginning the sessions as winners before losing over $700,000 each. Isildur1 ended up around the even mark with a $500,000 loss followed by a $700,000 profit followed by returning to square one.

It was Di “Urindanger” Dang who won most of the night’s huge pots, including one of the biggest hands of 2010 – Isildur1, unsurprisingly, opened the betting before Phil Galfond and Urindanger responded with raises, causing three players to get all the money in for an insane 1,054BB pot.

Urindanger and Galfond both flipped up AAxx, though Dang had the slightest of advantages with Ad-Jd-Ac-4h over OMGClayAiken’s Ah-As-8c-3h. Isildur1 held a nice rundown hand in the shape of Kd-Qh-Th-9s.

It was all over on the flop, though – a 5-3-2 board of all spades gave Urindanger the wheel and with no one holding two spades both Galfond and Isildur1 were looking for a miracle.

It didn’t happen and Dang took down the $623,000 pot. You can watch this action live at Full Tilt Poker.

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