Unibet Group PLC announce new CEO

Unibet Group PLC announce new CEO

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

One of those names you hate to type because it leads to faffing around with Alt+Numpad combos has become the new CEO of successful poker and gambling group Unibet PLC.

Current CEO, Petter Nylander, is enjoying his last day of work as the promotion of deputy CEO and CFO Tjärnström is in effect from today.

"After five years with Unibet Petter has decided to return to Stockholm. During Petter’s leadership, the company has increased the number of customers fourfold, tripled the turnover and doubled the profit after tax. This has been five good years", says the chairman and Unibet founder Anders Ström.

“We are extremely pleased that Petter Nylander will continue to be available to the company. Petter’s experience in the industry and his network is very valuable and I look forward to continue working closely with him".
He has been Unibet’s deputy CEO and CFO since April 2008 and has been sitting on Unibet’s board of directors. Furthermore, Nylander will still be advising the company so don’t expect cataclysmic changes.

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