Ultimate Bet Bad Beat Jackpot hit for over $100,000

Ultimate Bet Bad Beat Jackpot hit for over $100,000

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The UB Bad Beat Jackpot has been busted again after an unlucky player got their karma turned right around with a $102,877 payday. The player, whose screen name is WHATAGUY431, lost with a near-nut hand and received six-figures for his troubles.

Since their promotion began three years ago, the Ultimate Bet Bad Beat Jackpot has awarded a staggering sixty million dollars to players on the wrong end – or right, in this case – of cold decks. In order to qualify for a Bad Beat Jackpot hand you must hold quad eights or better using both hole cards – so A-9 losing to K-K on a board of K-K-9-9-9 doesn’t count.

Oh, and you have to be playing at a Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) table on UB. So sign up and get playing.

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