US Attitudes to Gambling Concern Online Players

US Attitudes to Gambling Concern Online Players

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Following recent action by the US government to seize the funds of poker players, Internet gambling giant Betfair conducted a survey of players. Shockingly, more than half are not even aware their money may be at risk, but more than three quarters of those who are have looked for what they consider to be safer sites.

A stunning 88% of Americans and 59% of UK players who knew about the issue also had serious concerns over their funds. The research by Betfair sought to establish what impact the US’s regulatory stance had on players – it’s not a great one, guys.

Richard Bloch, Head of International PR, commented: “It is very difficult for operators which do not take bets out of the US to compete with those that do, because of the increased liquidity which comes from accepting the American bets.

“This research demonstrates that there are other factors which consumers are taking into account when it comes to choosing their preferred place to play poker online. It’s no use having funds in your account if a government is going to seize them – and consumers are obviously aware of that.”

In total 31% of those polled in Britain were aware of fund seizures, against 42% of US online poker players. Of these 59% of British players were concerned about the safety of their funds. Results also showed a confusion over which sites accepted American bets.

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