URnotINdanger2 wins more than $400,000 from durrrr

URnotINdanger2 wins more than $400,000 from durrrr

Monday, 23 August 2010

It’s not quite the same young heads-up player from Maryland that we want to see Tom “durrrr” Dwan take on heads-up but close enough. Scott “URnotINdanger2” Palmer got in before jungleman12 officially begins the 50,000 hand chellenge and won a tidy clip from Dwan.

durrrr dropped a total of $570,000 at the tables in his 3,627-hand session including $415,000 to Palmer in their game. It wasn’t a heads-up game but mostly three-handed and both durrrr and URnotINdanger2 were consistently there.

The largest pot was an unusual one for URnotINdanger2 as he was sucked out on but still won the lion’s share of the chips. All the money went in on a 9c-7h-4h board before Dwan and Palmer put $50,000 more in on the 8c turn and four players flipped their cards in the air:

Dwan: Ac-Js-9h-4c (nut flush draw, top pair top kicker, gutshot)
‘Esvedra’: Th-Td-7s-6h (a straight, six to ten)
URnotINdanger2: Kd-Qs-9s-9d (top set)
Ingenious89: Ah-8h-4s-2s (nut flush draw and middle pair)

The eight on the turn saw URnotINdanger2 lose his position as the leader in the hand and he couldn’t pair up on the river, which gave Ingenious89 the nut flush. Palmer was sucked out on twice but still managed to take $156,000 of the $250,000 pot.

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