UK player Pogo650 wins over $100,000 at PokerStars $5/$10 LHE

UK player Pogo650 wins over $100,000 at PokerStars $5/$10 LHE

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

As the milestone 60 billionth hand approached at PokerStars yesterday the cash game tables filled up with several hundred thousand hands being dealt every 10 minutes and some players finding it impossible to get a seat at a table. Eventually at around 2pm UK time hand 5,999,999,999 played out and the games paused.

The players at Isa II, a $5/$10 Limit Hold ‘em table, were probably pretty bored, what with playing Limit Hold ‘em and all. Fortunately they were dealt into the 60,000,000,000th hand and despite one of them folding for some stupid reason, the pot was capped on every street with Pogo065 holding Q3o, enough to take it down with a flopped pair of threes.

For this, Pogo065 recieved $1,000 for each VPP earned in the past 50 hands at Isa II as well as a $60,000 bonus. All other players in the hand received at least five figures with over $200,000 given away for the milestone.
Oh well, there’s always next time in four or five months when we find ourselves approaching hand number 70,000,000,000.

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