Transfer Your Chips Between Poker Sites.

Transfer Your Chips Between Poker Sites.

Friday, 7 August 2009

A new site,, has been set up to allow players to swap money between their favourite poker sites in a safe, fast and effective way. This eliminates the rigmorale of cashing out, waiting for the debit and depositing again or, even worse, dealing with a screenname online.

Online poker players can now transfer their chips quickly and securely between sites including, and using a new service from

"Your security levels are a great initiative and should really go a long way in reducing both your exposure to fraud and our exposure to fraud," read a statement from Full Tilt.

SMC aims to eliminate the risk of being scammed or conned online. The site features a full auditing suite allowing sites complete access to transactions for the purpose of conducting security checks.

The site has also teamed up with to provide a credibility check system in order to further protect against fraud. checks a player's stake history and their join date using before setting a transfer level limit.

Start playing at Full Tilt Poker, Cake Poker or Ultimate Bet for great deposit bonuses and use to transfer between them.

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