Tom Dwan wins $400,000 at Full Tilt’s 7-Game

Tom Dwan wins $400,000 at Full Tilt’s 7-Game

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Tom Dwan is well on the comeback trail now with a $400,000 win in the 7-game after just 587 hands taking his 2010 total earnings to nearly $600,000 in just 4,000 hands. It’s only been sixteen days!

Brian Townsend and Gus Hansen were two staples at the 7-game tables, both clocking up over 1,500 hands. Each made around $150,000 which is none too shabby. Richard Ashby wasn’t so fortunate with a $277k loss while Cole “CTS” South dropped almost half a million dollars.

Watch the action as it happens at Full Tilt Poker.

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