Tom Dwan's amazing $6.5m comeback

Tom Dwan's amazing $6.5m comeback

Friday, 9 April 2010

Last year when Isildur1 demolished (should that be durrrrmolished?) Tom "durrrr" Dwan's bankroll in his first rise to high stakes, many commentators - not Bluff Europe, we might add - predicted that the young Full Tilt Pro was finished at high stakes.

Well, a nice win on GSN's High Stakes Poker helped and, after dropping as low as $25/$50 in late 2009, Tom Dwan has worked his way back up to the point he was at before Isildur1's legendary heads-up matches. Having lost $5.7m in 2009, he has now won $6m this year, putting him as 2010's highest earner and completing perhaps the greatest comeback in online poker history.

He dominated the games yesterday, winning a little bit at everything - a half a million at Hold 'em here; a half a million at PLO there and a little bit of profit in the 7-game added up to over $1.1m in just over 5,000 hands.

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