Tom Dwan loses $740k to cadillac1944 in huge PLO match

Tom Dwan loses $740k to cadillac1944 in huge PLO match

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Now that the high stakes regulars are no longer in Macau rolling around on beds of money with beautiful Asian women, the action at Full Tilt Poker can resume – and resume it did with an uncapped $500/$1,000 PLO game that hasn’t been seen for a while.

Tom “durrrr” Dwan took on the mysterious not-so-newcomer cadillac1944 and it lead to some big pots including three half-million pots and several over the $300,000 range. Unfortunately for durrrr the match did not go his way and after 1,078 hands cadillac1944 left the game a $740,000 winner. Dwan had lost $218,000 earlier in the day playing Bttech86 at $100/$200 PLO so with almost a million dollars lost it isn’t looking good for durrrr today.

In all fairness to Dwan though, he played two $500,000 pots that were total coolers – in one he had a monster draw that ran up against the only hand that had him crushed; a dominating straight and flush draw. In another, he flopped middle set and got all the money in only to be shown top set.

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