Tom Dwan loses $500,000 at high stakes games on Full Tilt

Tom Dwan loses $500,000 at high stakes games on Full Tilt

Monday, 29 March 2010

Swings, swings, swings – Tom “durrrr” Dwan was one of the year’s biggest winners last week, being up over $3.5m overall and $3m in March alone. However, he has had some poor luck over the weekend and dropped close to a million, the latest $468,000 loss occurring on Sunday evening.

He played Omaha, Hold ‘em and the 7-game but was unable to make any big wins happen for himself. He lost $80,000 to Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo in a 1,400-hand heads-up match before being Durrrrmolished at the PLO tables, with Cole “CTS” South being the main beneficiary.

This is reflected in the day’s largest pot – in a 4-bet blind battle at $300/$600, all the money went in after Dwan check-raised a Qc-3h-7h flop. South called with 8763 for bottom two pair, slightly trailing in equity to Dwan’s As-Ah-Jh-Th. However, the 7c hit the turn and left Dwan drawing to just two outs which he couldn’t hit, sending the $195,700 pot to South.

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