Tom Dwan loses $300,000 to jungleman12

Tom Dwan loses $300,000 to jungleman12

Monday, 26 April 2010

Bluff Europe blogger Matt Perry might be telling us that Tom Dwan is unstoppable in the online nosebleed games right now but jungleman12 had something to say about that over the weekend when he won $313,000 from the Team Full Tilt pro.

The two met at the $200/$400 Hold ‘em tables and played a huge 4,783-hand session during which jungleman12 won over $300,000. Overall, jungleman12 was the day’s biggest winner on Saturday after taking home $392,000 overall.

Gus Hansen was close behind him, though, after some very nice results in the 7-game saw him net over $300,000 for his troubles. The start of 2010 is the polar opposite of 2009 for him as he was down over a million dollars.

Dwan and jungleman12’s biggest pot came when both players had over $70,000 in front of them. In a 3-bet pot, jungleman12 lead out on a 3c-6d-Ac flop and called durrrr’s raise; calling off the rest of his stack on a 9c turn. Both players had turned flushes, but Dwan’s Jc-6c trumped the ten-high flush of jungleman12 who lost out on the $149,000 pot.

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