Tom Dwan gets 2011 off to a $300,000 plus start at Full Tilt

Tom Dwan gets 2011 off to a $300,000 plus start at Full Tilt

Monday, 10 January 2011

The weekend saw some high stakes action launching us into 2011 with a bang as hundreds of thousands of dollars were won and lost at the nosebleed games on Full Tilt Poker. Tom “durrrr” Dwan got off to a nice start this year, netting himself $306,000 in three hours of $200/$400 PLO. Yeah, that’s a nice hourly rate.

Dwan sat in the $200/$400 cap PLO games for a couple of hours and made $205,000 in a series of $16,000 all-ins before taking on harrington25 at $200/$400 PLO heads-up with no cap. He won $101,000 before calling it a day to give him a quarter-million dollar evening.

Higher stakes and smaller bets were occurring on the Limit Hold ‘em tables, though. IHateJuice, now known as Kagome Kagome, took on nemesis Patrik Antonius at $3,000/$6,000 in a lengthy one-on-one match that saw him net $221,000, continuing his winning streak against the high stakes Finnish legend.

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