Tom Dwan and Cole South discuss the mysterious Isildur1

Tom Dwan and Cole South discuss the mysterious Isildur1

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

We say “Swedish online high-stakes player”, you say “Isildur1.” Apparently there’s more than one of these guys though, as DrPill, who has been making some waves on the nosebleed tables, is also Swedish. And a high-stakes player. Online.

Apparently he’s also friends with Isildur1, which has lead to Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo accusing them of sharing accounts:

DrPill: btw how did u know we are friends
DrPill: brogski told you?
ZeeJustin: everyone knows you two share accounts
DrPill: lol we dont share
ZeeJustin: its so obvious which one of you is playing
DrPill: yeah yeah
ZeeJustin: pretty clever to tell him to 2.5x on your account
DrPill: let isac play for you or maybe stake you vs us
ZeeJustin: that way no one will figure it out!
DrPill: yeah yeah
ZeeJustin: isaac and i have never played on the others’ accounts
ZeeJustin: and never will
ZeeJustin: when you play us, you know who you are playing
DrPill: samehere

The next day, high-stakes veterans Cole South and Tom Dwan continued the discussion, with a cryptic message from Dwan to close it off:

Cole South: there were like 12 100200 tables goin at one point though
durrrr: wow
durrrr: howd pill do?
Cole South: i think he won
Cole South: mahbe 150k
durrrr: hav u played pill?
Cole South: nope
durrrr: i dont think they share accnts much
Cole South: never seen him at plo
durrrr: but all the nl guys seem to think they do
Cole South: and havent been playin too muc hnl
Cole South: yea silly for them to make accusations in public on a hunch though
durrrr: well not rly in this case
durrrr: b/c isil for sure did that w/ a diff accnt
Cole South: ah dont know the story there

Cole might not know it, but we have an inkling – could durrrr perhaps be talking about Martonas, an aggressive Swede who came close to an Isildur1-esque run at high stakes before disappearing after extensive heads-up games with durrrr? Who knows?

Watch the action at Full Tilt Poker.

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