Tom Dwan On Sick Run - $700k PLO Profits vs Ivey

Tom Dwan On Sick Run - $700k PLO Profits vs Ivey

Thursday, 2 July 2009

People on poker forums are quick to jump on bandwagons, especially when it’s heading to negative town. Tom Dwan had a much-publicised downswing to the tune of $4m earlier this year. It was looking like 2009 would be the end of him.

However, he has really turned it around. Now he is in the black by $1.5m which is absolutely staggering. A string of great sessions as well as a long lead in the durrrr challenge have contributed to this amazing upswing.

Last night he played Ziigmund and Ivey at Mixed HA and PLO. Barry Greenstein has called Ziigmund “perhaps the greatest Pot-Limit Omaha player in the world” and Phil Ivey... well, he’s Phil Ivey!

Despite this, Dwan managed to rack up the best part of $1,000,000 net profit playing the two of them last night. Obviously PLO is a game of high variance but durrrr didn’t seem to need to catch too many cards – he was just on form.

Over $5m in the past few months – potentially, with some luck, durrrr could make it a $10m year even without Guy LaLiberte donating.

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