The durrrr Challenge continues…

The durrrr Challenge continues…

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius continued to slog it out on the online high-stakes tables recently, despite being midway through their WSOP campaign. The pair took a break from the tournament action downstairs and recorded another 874 hands to the ‘durrrr Challenge’, taking the total hands logged to 15,117 over 21 sessions.

During the session Antonius managed to slightly increase his lead over Dwan by just over $23,000, keeping Antonius in a comfortable position of $447,684 to the good in the challenge.

Some big pots were evenly exchanged throughout the session but the biggest of the night was won by Dwan. After Dwan opened for $1,200, Antonius reraised to $3,600, and Dwan flat called. Antonius then led out for $5,200 on the 10c8s8d flop and Dwan pumped it up to $15,900. Antonius called. When the turn brought the As, Antonius check-called a $27,600 bet from Dwan. The river fell the Qc and Antonius checked again. Dwan then moved in for $53,057 and Antonius thought for a moment before making the call. Dwan revealed Ah10s10d9d for the made house on the flop, tens full of eights, and raked in the $200,313 pot, one of the biggest so far in the ‘durrrr challenge'.

The two are now nearly one third of the way through the challenge and whilst anything can happen Antonius will surely be feeling the more confident of the two.

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