Swedish player takes PKR by storm

Swedish player takes PKR by storm

Friday, 13 November 2009

PKR are reeling – in the past few weeks, a Swedish player named PatIvey (who apparently possesses a little of the Antonius/Ivey magic himself) has been winning tournaments left, right and centre.

The 25-year-old Swedish player managed to win the PKR Masters event twice in running months, a first in the next-generation site’s history. Not only that, but he made the final table for a third time the month after, this time finishing 3rd. This made him over $70,000.

In addition to this, he secured victory in the Saturday Big Shot victory for $7,800 as well as a win in a $10,000 Guaranteed Prime Time tournament. He downplayed his achievements, but said there is more to this recent hot streak than pure luck:

“Of course you have to be lucky. But when I play I try not to risk all my chips on weak hands and I try to put the guys on what they have, and after that I make my play. If you have many chips it's not wrong to be a fish and try to steal. But when you play tournaments you must have a combination of good play and luck. Sometimes you have that luck and sometimes you don't, but you can always improve your own odds of winning - that's the big clue I think,” he said.

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