Sleire Wins $228k In PokerStars Sunday Million.

Sleire Wins $228k In PokerStars Sunday Million.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

After almost ten hours of play, the final nine of the PokerStars Sunday Million were set and the majority of the $1,600,000 prize pool was still to play for. Compared to the rest of the tournament the final table flew by in less than an hour when Sleire beat BeechSquad heads-up to take home $228,000.

The eventual winner arrived at the final table with over 20m in chips and continued to build his stack with aggressive play throughout. This was further boosted by eliminating jokkee_apart with AA vs JJ that got all-in pre-flop.

Eventually the final three players agreed on a deal that left $30,000 on the table for the winner and split the remaining money like this:

Sleire - $198,484.30,

Attuned - $156,089.17,

BeechSquad - $155,111.50.

Attuned built up a huge stack to make a run for it but eventually found himself out-kicked by Sleire and eliminated in 3rd place. With blinds at $250k/$500k BeechSquad got all his money in with Q8 on a A82 board. Sleire called with K2 and spiked a king to take the title of PokerStars Sunday Million champion.

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