September Online High Stakes Round up

September Online High Stakes Round up

Friday, 5 October 2012

After a summer WSOP inspired lull, the high stakes online action has really hit its stride this autumn. Viktor “isildur1" Blom attracted the big mixed games action in a crazy August and those high stakes games have carried on through September and now into October.

Isildur1 has been trying his luck at Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, or FLO8, and even when he’s not been at the tables, that game has been running at the $1000/2000 limit almost every single day.

The biggest winner in this game in September was Canada-based pro and heads up specialist "Chung Ho", who pocketed $662k over 9350 hands. The other September winners in this game were Vladimir “GVOZDIKA55” Shchemelev with $478k profit, "RaiseOnce" (strongly rumoured to be Phil Ivey) with $477k, Theo Jorgensen with $90k, and isildur1 who actually finished $22k in the black.

The month’s big losers in the FLO8 games were high limit heads up specialist Kyle "KPR16" Ray with -$618k, "patpatman" with -$300k, another high limit heads up specialist LewisFriend with -$224k, Ilari "Ilari FIN” Sahamies with -$189k, and Gus "broski" Hansen with $171k in losses.
There was also plenty of high-stakes No limit action going on in September, with heads up specialist Alexander “Kanu7” Millar getting by far the best of it, winning $652k between the $25/50 and $200/400 stakes over 10,667 hands. "ragen70" was his closest competitor with $314k in profits. At the other end of the spectrum again is poor patpatman, who was down $415k for No limit in September.

As per usual though, the Pot Limit Omaha tables were a lot busier than the other games, with Norwegian player "Odd_Oddsen" topping the winners table with an impressive $830k in profit, over an amazing 62689 hands. With that score he also tops the overall monthly leaderboard. The other big PLO winners were Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky with $640k, Ben “Ben86” Tollerene with $524k, Jens “Jeans89” Kyllonen with $509k, Sam “tr1cky7” Trickett with $492k, and "patpatman" on the better half of the table this time, finishing $217k to the good.

There was also a huge number of 8-game cash games running throughout September, especially during the WCOOP with the aforementioned famous names, as well as others including George Danzer and V. Wahlbeck, mostly playing $200/400 and $400/800 8-game. Unfortunately, the results aren't tracked anywhere online, but the games were definitely entertaining to watch and will hopefully continue during October.

There was even some big 2-7 FL Triple Draw games at the $1000/2000 level during September. Alex "BiatchPeople" Luneau was the biggest winner there with $348k in winnings, with his teammate Sebastien “Seb86” Sabic the second biggest winner, profiting $299k. The unfortunate ones at the other end of the 2-7 table were: Gus “broksi” Hansen with $390k in losses, V. Wahlbeck with $123k in losses and "isildur1" finishing down $76k.

According to, the biggest overall winners in September were:
Odd_Oddsen +$829.9k
Chung ho +$662.5k
Kanu7 +$652k
Sauce123 +$614.6
Jeans89 +$530.5k
Ben86 +$500k

With all of that entertaining action during September, we can only cope it carries on until November, when hopefully it will increase even further with the re-opening of Full Tilt!

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