Security leak found and plugged at Cake Poker

Security leak found and plugged at Cake Poker

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

It’s always a shame to report a security leak or problem at a big online poker network but fortunately this one is managed by cardroom manager extraordinaire, Lee Jones. Cake Poker, which hosts sites such as Doyle’s Room, was discovered to have a security flaw which allowed players to view others’ hole cards.

Lee Jones has been responding in this thread on Two Plus Two to player questions and apologised for the error that lead to PokerTableRatings demonstrating the ability to access hole cards: "Sure, when the issue came up in May, I asked our software management team. They told me that we were more secure than Cereus. When this all came to light a few hours ago and they got down into the actual code, it turned out they were wrong (as one of the senior managers just admitted to me)...I owe the entire Cake poker community an apology: I am very, very, sorry."

While this is not the same issue that blighted the CEREUS poker network years ago, it is similar and the fallout had the potential to be intense were it not for the swift actions of Lee Jones and his team.

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