Scott Palmer beats Tom Dwan out of $240,000 in mixed games

Scott Palmer beats Tom Dwan out of $240,000 in mixed games

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Yesterday we reported that durrrr had kicked off 2011 in style, winning $300,000 from harrington25 and the PLO cap games at Full Tilt. Well, it’s been donated back – Scott “URnotINdanger2” Palmer played Dwan at the mixed game and won $240,000.

Dwan dominated the NL side of things over their 2,900 hand match, taking $365,000; however he was crushed in the PLO portion and lost over $600,000. The match in general was very back and forth, though – Dwan was ahead by almost a quarter-million dollars after less than 650 hands but was behind the same amount just 300 hands later. Both players exchanged $100,000 plus leads but in the end it was Palmer who won the match after winning almost $300,000 in less than half an hour.

The biggest pot of the match was an unsurprising three barrel bluff by Dwan, calling Palmer’s 3-bet on the button and raising the inevitable c-bet on a 9c-4s-9s flop. Dwan followed up by betting $23,600 on the ace of clubs turn and the rest of his $67,000 stack on the 2s river. Palmer easily picked him off with As-Qs for the nut flush while durrrr mucked king high and conceded the $225,000 pot.

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