Run It Twice – Not popular with Full Tilt Pros

Run It Twice – Not popular with Full Tilt Pros

Friday, 30 October 2009

The new feature at Full Tilt Poker’s cash game tables, Run It Twice, has not proved widely-used at the higher stakes it is available at. Despite it occurring constantly on cash game shows such as High Stakes Poker, the Full Tilt Pros can take it or leave it, it seems.

It makes no difference to your winrate whether you run the deck once, twice, a million times or more, however – the pros should know that. It does reduce variance quite well, but perhaps the reason it is on High Stakes Poker so much is to make fish like Sam Farha and Allen Meltzer more comfortable in the game.

So far, the biggest pot in which it has been used is a $41k pot at $50/$100 – David Benyamine and POKERBLUFFS have been the biggest users of the feature, but not overly so. Watch this space to see if it catches on.

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