RoxmorE rocks more than 7,650 others

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Sunday Million at PokerStars resumed normal service after two weeks of delayed starts owing to Daylight Savings. The last Sunday of the month saw 7,651 players contribute to a $1,530,200 prize pool.

The final payouts in the tournament, reflecting a four-handed chop with $30,000 for the winner, were as follows:

1st place: RoxmorE ($121,664.40)
2nd place: AmirSF ($142,970.07)
3rd place: HuBaer582 ($95,744.61)
4th place: ILIOS72 ($108,780.23)
5th place: detroitj6 ($54,322.10)
6th place: ikszoorn ($39,020.10)
7th place: Coconut Soda ($26,778.50)
8th place: matt1269 ($17,597.30)
9th place: MarleyGroup ($10,711.40)

As it was the last Sunday of March PokerStars also hosted the $1m Turbo Takedown – it really boggles the mind that every single month the site gives away seven figures to thousands of players.

After ten hours and besting a field of 10,614 players, AL-AL66 won the day. Heads-up against elcheapo23, he won a monster pot when his AJ flipped the right way against 88. Just a few hands later and with an overwhelming chip lead he got it in good with A9 against A2 – a flopped two pair sealed the deal and sent a $100,000 prize his way.

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