RICOFELIZ takes down Sunday Million at PokerStars

RICOFELIZ takes down Sunday Million at PokerStars

Monday, 22 November 2010

The Sunday Million drew 8,575 players last night which meant the prize pool busted the $1.5m guarantee and drew a total prize pool of $1,715,000 with 1,240 paid at least $300 for their efforts.

Around ten hours after the start of the tournament the final table was decided with blinds of 200,000/400,000 and an ante of 40,000; the average stack equated to approximately 25 big blinds and the chip leader was alex987 who boasted over 18m in chips.

Throughout the final table play was paused to discuss a deal but there was never an agreement reached – whether the clock was paused six-, five- or four-handed. Even heads-up they tried, when RICOFELIZ held a 7-1 chip lead over musicom. It failed and ten hands later RICOFELIZ’s A-7 held across all five cards against Ts-9c, giving him the win and over a quarter of a million dollars.

1st RICOFELIZ ($252,276.50)
2nd musicom ($184,362.50)
3rd j_t_s80 ($128,625.00)
4th DuggerGerngy ($85,750.00)
5th alex987 ($68,600.00)
6th onealtiseven ($51,450.00)
7th omalos ($34,300.00)
8th StrungOut1 ($18,865.00)
9th costel725 ($13,291.25)

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