Pre-2007 high stakes results show Antonius up $3m

Pre-2007 high stakes results show Antonius up $3m

Monday, 30 November 2009

An interesting thread has sprung up on Two Plus Two showing how, before the days of HSDB when the nosebleed games were rather conveniently tracked for us, Patrik Antonius was already crushing the nosebleeds.

Back then the nosebleeds were $200/$400 and $100/$200, but if anything that makes it more impressive how Antonius, under the screen name Luigi66369, managed to win over $6m playing PLO and Hold ‘em.

Antonius has made over $7m under the Patrik Antonius screen name, but in addition to the $3.26m made at PLO and the $3.1m at Hold ‘em back in the day, it’s incredible to think of just how much money the man has won.

Various players have chimed in, talking about how Antonius used to sit with $1,000,000 stacks at $200/$400 Limit Hold ‘em on the Prima network as early as 2004. Certainly he is the biggest online winner in history.
You can watch him crush the high stakes at FullTiltPoker.

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