Poligraph Passes Test, Wins FTOPS Main Event

Poligraph Passes Test, Wins FTOPS Main Event

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The flagship event of Full Tilt Poker’s flagship tournament attracted over 5,000 players despite the $500 + $35 buy-in, busting the $2.5m guarantee and creating a prize pool of $2.653m.

After several hours of grinding with deep stacks and slow levels, 720 players made the cash for at least $795. Some noted players performed well and cashed in the event including Kameron “Kamdini” McRay in third, James “TheFatFISH” Obst in fifth and Lauren “locoenlacabeza” Kling in ninth. November Nine final tablist James Akenhead also went deep, finishing in 96th place.

The two played heads-up with Poligraph holding a chip lead. Amusingly the two tried to negotiate a deal – first they disagreed before Poligraph conceded a fraction of the prize pool. This sealed the deal, apparently – however, the two couldn’t work out the self-dealing option and by the time Full Tilt’s tournament director had explained it to them, their minds had changed.

The hand that won the tournament saw Inoriiss push his short stack – one-sixth the size of Poligraph’s – with A6o. Poligraph called with QJ and the A23 flop looked to be bad news. However, a K on the turn and a T on the river made him an unlikely broadway straight and won him over $450,000.

The full final table results are as follows:
1. Poligraph ($453,663.00)
2. Inoriisss ($315,707.00)
3. Kameron “Kamdini” McRay ($225,505.00)
4. InsomniacSloth ($169,792.00)
5. James “TheFatFISH” Obst ($127,211.35)
6. highrollr19 ($87,549.00)
7. pagoda 1 ($57,039.50)
8. Slick Nittany ($39,795.00)
9. Lauren “locoenlacabeza” Kling ($27,856.50)

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