PokerStars WCOOP – more winners, more money

PokerStars WCOOP – more winners, more money

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Four more events have played out at the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker with more than five and a half million dollars awarded in prize money across the tournaments. The $1,050 two-day event whittled down a 3,122 player field to just 176 with more PokerStars Pros than you can shake a stick at crashing out in the earlier levels of the 14-hour Day 1.

One man who survived, though, was tournament monster Jason Mercier who will want to match his incredible live tournament success. He was close to claiming the title of overnight chip leader when he got a near 100BB pot built pre-flop with AK vs a dominated KQ. A turned lady, though, and Mercier dropped to 17th place of the remaining 176.

In other WCOOP news, the Sunday Million replacement $1.5m guaranteed $215 event received a prize pool of nearly $2,000,000 and Money_1985 collected $282,800 for his win after a three-way deal. SixthSense19 put his extra perception to good use when he beat out a 943-strong field in the $530 NL heads-up, earning a $100,000 payday after a heads-up deal. JuneauJyack emerged triumphant after besting the $200 + $50 bounty event, earning over $80,000 post-heads-up deal.

WCOOP $215 NL $1,500,000 guaranteed
1st place: Money_1985 ($282,798.80)
2nd place: canucko ($180,336.86)*
3rd place: OliverDK ($168,843.70)*
4th place: 2Maise$U ($95,870.00)
5th place: shipshipit ($76,696.00)
6th place: Legacy10 ($57,522.00)
7th place: LISTILLO ($38,348.00)
8th place: Hape2006 ($21,091.40)
9th place: pimpstackn89 ($14,859.85)

WCOOP $530 NL heads-up $600,000 guarantee
1st place: SixthSenSe19 ($100,000)*
2nd: gipsy74 ($80,000)*
3rd: noclue645 ($36,000)
4th: lobito121 ($36,000)
5th: gr33dy ($18,600)
6th: schwarmann ($18,600)
7th: BigRiskky ($18,600)
8th: Poker Own U ($18,600)

WCOOP $215 + $50 NL bounty $300,000 guarantee
1st place: JuneauJyack ($85,441.37)*
2nd place: bgitty ($79,441.36)*
3rd place: SirWatts ($50,181.60)
4th place: $harKK ($34,941.92)
5th place: Mr Swatch ($25,986.90)
6th place: liberace ($20,012.90)
7th place: hook2120 ($14,038.90)
8th place: PiRaToS14 ($8,662.30)
9th place: MSU10s ($5,077.90)

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