PokerStars Sunday Million awards more big prizes

PokerStars Sunday Million awards more big prizes

Monday, 15 February 2010

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Online poker players are not, to a man, lonely geeks incapable of girlfriends. The Sunday Million actually saw a significant reduction in players on Valentine’s Day.

However, 8,341 losers – this writer included – took to the felt to forget the fact that they were alone. For one player, Blompf, he forgot all about it after netting $224,000 for his win.

He arrived at the final table second in chips, only behind oldrich88. The two made it to the heads-up stage with a practically even chip count and eventually settled on a deal to take just under $200,000 apiece.

Soon, however, Blompf got it all-in pre-flop with 22, flipping against the AJ of Oldrich88. Neither ace nor jack were forthcoming and a 2 on the river sealed it, leaving Blompf with a 7-1 chip lead.

Five hands later, Blompf found himself dominated in a pre-flop all-in with A6 against AQ. However, a rivered six shipped the tournament and the extra $30,000 to him, leaving the final payouts looking like this:

1st place: Blompf ($227,757.02)
2nd place: oldrich88 ($196,971.38)
3rd place: iownoknp ($125,115.00)
4th place: Ramewa38 ($83,410.00)
5th place: qsf84 ($66,728.00)
6th place: Profesoras ($50,046.00)
7th place: Saygoodbye40 ($33,364.00)
8th place: 13sneik13 ($18,350.20)
9th place: Catafract80 ($12,928.55)

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