PokerStars Sunday Million awards $7.2m prize pool

PokerStars Sunday Million awards $7.2m prize pool

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

When PokerStars guaranteed $4,000,000 for their $216 Sunday Million weekly event – requiring 20,000 entrants; over double the usual weekly turnout – many thought the online poker giants were finally getting too bigheaded.

Last Sunday, a record-breaking 36,169 players; nearly doubling the record set less than a month ago. This created a prize pool that was simply staggering for a weekly $200 MTT - $7,233,800 was split between the top 5,400 players with a huge prize of $1,141,510.31 to the winner of it all.

That winner was the now aptly-named RichieRichZH. Strangely, despite the fact that the final table awarded a total of more than $2m, no deal was struck. Instead, the tournament played right down from 36,000 players to one.

In the last hand, RichieRichZH was up against lankeshwar with almost $400,000 between first and second place. Blinds were at a gigantic 2,000,000/4,000,000/400,000 when the money went in, with RichieRichZH holding two red threes against As-4c and being a 3:2 favourite to win a seven-figure first prize. The flop favoured the eventual winner by coming 5s-2s-Tc and the 9d-Ts turn and river sealed the deal.

The full list of final table placings and payouts is as follows:

1. RichieRichZH (Zuerich) $1,141,510.31
2. lankeshwar (Northborough) $754,774.69
3. petinvest7 (sag) $506,366.00
4. lirarerik (swe) $282,118.20
5. WNYCEC (New York) $151,909.80
6. DerHenker666 (Münster) $86,805.60
7. Jaggy42 (Adelaide) $57,870.40
8. highplaya (Prairie du Sac) $43,402.80
9. Amoneymagnet (Bronx) $28,935.20

To play in future Sunday Million tournaments visit PokerStars.

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