Phil Ivey Returns to Full Tilt; Wins $750,000

Phil Ivey Returns to Full Tilt; Wins $750,000

Friday, 31 July 2009

From his perspective, the money is pittance. But still, $750,000 is $750,000 and it makes a bold statement when you return from playing for millions in the Bellagio and making the November Nine to immediately crush the biggest online games.

Ivey made his presence felt a couple of days ago, the first time he has been online for quite a while. He played three tables and still managed to turn a larger profit than those playing 6-8.

In one hand playing three-handed $300/$600/a$100 with Urindanger and Richard Ashby, Ivey had 569T on a 478 board for the nut straight with a redraw to a bigger straight. Urindanger, who had 3-bet preflop, had AAK6 with the nut flush draw. The Jd turn made Phil Ivey a larger straight and the river blanked to ship him a $246,000 pot.

Phil Ivey, November Nine finalist and two-time 2009 WSOP bracelet-winner, can be found playing the highest stakes online at Full Tilt Poker.

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