Phil Galfond wins $280,000 at PLO on Full Tilt

Phil Galfond wins $280,000 at PLO on Full Tilt

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Phil Galfond, better known online as OMGClayAiken, is one of online poker’s most profitable players and a former champion of the $10,000 PLO championship at the WSOP. He is often considered among one of the best PLO players in the world and last night reinforced that title by earning the better part of $300,000 against tough competition at high stakes.

Taking on the likes of Patrik Antonius and Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies (both also called by various people the world’s best PLO players), OMGClayAiken took just 312 hands to make a net profit of $286,511 at $200/$400 PLO.

The largest pot of the day came three-handed when Ziigmund opened the button as per usual only to see Galfond call, Antonius 3-bet, Sahamies call then Galfond 4-bet to $28,220. Both players called to make an $85,000 pre-flop pot and the rest of the money flew in for all three players on a Qc-Td-7d board. Despite being a huge favourite pre-flop, Galfond was crushed with just 5.86% equity holding Ac-2c-As-4s against Antonius’s dominant QQ96 with a flush draw and Ziigmund’s KJ97.

However, the 9c on the turn followed by the rivered Kc gave him the nut flush and shipped him the pot totalling $180,000. You can watch more action like this at Full Tilt Poker.

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