Peter Eastgate Hit ‘n’ Runs at $200/$400

Peter Eastgate Hit ‘n’ Runs at $200/$400

Friday, 23 October 2009

The only famous poker pro regularly accused of shortstacking (playing with less than a 100BB stack) or hit ‘n’ running (doubling up then leaving the table) is Mark Vos, and Patrik Antonius has already made it clear he’d like to punch the ginger.

So, we’re not sure what Peter Eastgate is playing at – we wouldn’t want an angry Finn after us, but the 2008 WSOP Main Event winner caused a controversy at PokerStars when he sat in at a $200/$400 table with just $8,000 before doubling up and leaving. He tried to do it again and his opponent was having none of it:

FiSHeYe1984: don't you have millions ?
FiSHeYe1984: why do you hit and run like a girl ?
PeteEastgate: to make them last longer
FiSHeYe1984: shotstacking mainevent winner
FiSHeYe1984: at least show some etiquette and give me some buttons

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