Patrik Antonius wins almost $500k playing PLO 8 online

Patrik Antonius wins almost $500k playing PLO 8 online

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

It was Finnish player Patrik Antonius who dominated the high stakes action on Full Tilt this week but not at his usual game of PLO or even the more popular NL. Instead, Antonius played a host of opponents at $2,000/$4,000 Omaha 8 to take home a profit of $447,000.

Antonius played mostly Russian player NEKOTYAN at the same time that Urindanger scored a six-figure win against Gus Hansen in a PLO cap game. Hansen also managed to take some chips from NEKOTYAN at Omaha 8 but had a losing day overall.

The largest pot of the day occurred at PokerStars, however. Niki Jedlicka (RealAndyBeal) took on high stakes regular Also11 over 1,624 hands of $200/$400 PLO. Overall, Jedlicka found himself on the wrong side of the coin in key situations and lost out in the match.

Their largest pot was a 4-bet affair with Also11 calling preflop. The money went in on a 2d-2c-4d flop with Jedlicka turning over K-K-Q-Q for two overpairs while Also11 held A-9-9-5 with the nut flush draw and gutshot. Jedlicka held to win the $157,000 pot.

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