Patrik Antonius wins a quarter million at Full Tilt

Patrik Antonius wins a quarter million at Full Tilt

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Dwan’s results overshadowed that of Finnish legend Patrik Antonius, but it is worthy of note that the beautiful baldy managed to rack up a $250,000 win at Full Tilt Poker. Despite being very likely the biggest online winner in history, Antonius has lost millions this year and a winning session is rare for him online nowadays.

Overall, $70,000 of his quarter million win came at the hands of Brian Hastings, who took him on at heads-up $200/$400 PLO. Their largest pot saw Antonius call Hastings’s 4-bet before the rest of the money went in on a Kh-4c-Jc board. Antonius held KK76 for top set with no redraws. However, Hastings had just AA98 for an overpair. He couldn’t hit his two outs and lost out on a $133,000 pot.

Ziigmund was unsurprisingly the day’s biggest loser after a disastrous session with Dwan, losing $1.1m. Brian Townsend did his best to join him, though – the CardRunners coach has had a 2010 similar to Antonius’s and continued that trait by losing almost half a million.

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