Patrik Antonius wins $70,000 in the 7-game at Full Tilt

Patrik Antonius wins $70,000 in the 7-game at Full Tilt

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

We can only assume that the reason the high stakes games on Full Tilt have dried up recently is the imminent World Series of Poker and the inevitable cash games in Bobby’s Room – and Ivey’s room too, this year. Remember in 2009 when Tom Dwan blogged about playing $2k/$4k PLO with a million dollar buy-in?

Well, Patrik Antonius was the most famous name to enter the fray at the 7-game that ran yesterday and, fittingly, won the largest amount with David Oppenheim dropping enough cash to make Antonius $70,000 better off.

The 7-game is a mix of Fixed Limit Hold ‘em, Fixed Limit Stud H/L, Fixed Limit Razz, Fixed Limit Omaha H/L, Fixed Limit Stud Hi, No Limit Hold ‘em and Pot Limit Omaha Hi. Unsurprisingly it was the latter game that saw the biggest pot between Antonius and Oppenheim.

After calling Antonius’s 3-bet pre-flop to create a $10,800 pot, Oppenheim decided to check-raise with his flush draw and overcards. Unfortunately for him the semi-bluff was doomed to turn into an unfavourable all-in as Antonius had flopped the nut straight. Despite this, Oppenheim put his $35,000 stack in as an approximate 38% equity dog, though he couldn’t find any outs this time.

Watch the action live at Full Tilt Poker.

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