Patrik Antonius takes on jungleman12 at $500/$1,000

Patrik Antonius takes on jungleman12 at $500/$1,000

Monday, 18 October 2010

In an otherwise quiet weekend at Full Tilt Poker, Daniel “jungleman12” Cates and Patrik Antonius played a $500/$1,000 NL heads-up match for just under an hour. They got in just 108 hands but that was enough for Antonius to take a $66,000 lead.

The match was essentially break even from a poker perspective – three of the largest pots of the weekend occurred during their battle and with less than a buy-in won overall by Antonius, it could have easily gone differently. Their largest hand was a cooler and jungleman12 was just three outs away from being a $135,000 winner.

Antonius raised the button to $3,000 as standard and jungleman12 3-bet to a round $10,000 with K-Q. Antonius made it $24,000 to go and jungleman12 called before check-raising all-in over a $19,000 bet on the 9-8-Q flop. Antonius had the dominating A-Q and held to win a $198,000 pot despite running it twice.

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