Patrik Antonius – biggest ever online winner

Patrik Antonius – biggest ever online winner

Monday, 16 November 2009

A thread on the Two Plus Two forums has achieved remarkable controversy and popularity as the biggest ever online winners and losers are discussed. Tom Dwan is nowhere to be found in either top 10 after losing millions to Isildur1 while Phil Ivey is the overwhelming king of NLHE and PLO on Full Tilt since 2007, having earned eight figures.

However, it is Patrik Antonius who has been established as the biggest ever online winner. In addition to the $7.27m he has won under the Patrik Antonius screenname at Full Tilt, his Luigi66369 name earned $3.1m. Conservative estimates in the thread – including his Prima, Ladbrokes, UltimateBet and PokerStars accounts – put his total online earnings as over $14,000,000.

Durrrr has been a severe point of contention, with many insisting he is nowhere near busto after his slaughter of the $25/$50 games on Full Tilt and PokerStars as well as his profits from before Isildur1.

One thing is certain, however – Guy LaLiberte is certainly the biggest online loser of all time, with his four known accounts (noataima, elmariachimacho, patatino and lady marmalade) having lost $23,845,178.25 during his online career. Even so, he’s still richer than Antonius, durrrr and Ivey combined!

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