Patrik Antonius Wins $500,000 With King High

Patrik Antonius Wins $500,000 With King High

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Antonius and Tom “kingsofcards” Marchese were playing almost 250BB deep three-handed at the $500/$1,000 stakes when the hand took place. Marchese raised on the button to $2,400 when the Team Full Tilt member 3-bet to $8,200. POKERBLUFFS quickly got out of the way and Marchese called.

The Jh-4c-6s flop didn’t seem to have done anything for either player, but that didn’t stop the Finn betting $12,000. After a quick call, the 2c turn kicked off the action – Antonius check-raised kingsofcards’ $28,200 bet to $126,000. After a short tank, he was called.

The Jd river saw another check from Antonius and Marchese thought before putting all the chips in the middle. Antonius had another $101,000 behind and was getting another 4:1 – he called, amazingly flipping up nothing more than Kc-Tc for a busted flush draw and scooping the $496,000 pot against 8c-5c.

No one at Bluff Europe can possibly pretend to be intelligent enough to analyse this hand on their level, but just settle for staring and drooling at the amazing poker skills displayed.

King high calls, six-figure pots – follow the action at Full Tilt Poker.

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