Patrik Antonius Takes on kingsofcards at Nosebleeds

Patrik Antonius Takes on kingsofcards at Nosebleeds

Friday, 23 October 2009

The action on Full Tilt is still very slow, even compared to the past summer – let alone the days of Guy LaLiberte dropping millions. Most of the recent action has been at $200/$400 or $300/$600 but the dust was blown off the $500/$1,000 Hold ‘em tables as Patrik Antonius and kingsofcards took to the felt.

Despite still dealing in six-figure pots, the gamble was still diminished as the biggest pot came when kingsofcards was only 80BB deep – OK, that’s still $80,000 but it’s pocket change at these stakes.

Antonius called a pre-flop raise with T9o then check-raised a $4,000 flop bet to $16k on a board of 5c-3c-9d. He was faced with a shove and called with top pair, seeing himself a marginal underdog against Ac-Jc.

The Jd on the turn swung the hand to a near lock, with a rivered 3c rubbing salt in the wound and shipping the $163,000 pot to kingsofcards.

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